Warm Up With A Ceiling Fan? | 3 Tips When Choosing A Ceiling Fan

It’s true, when we think of ceiling fans, we often associate their use during the summer, and rarely think of using fans during winter. But fans can actually be used year round, and can potentially save a household 30-40% on their heating and cooling, while keeping other factors in mind, such as climate, the size of the home, what systems are in use, and the average electrical cost in the neighborhood.


Fans help circulate the air in the room to feel more comfortable, but does not necessarily increase or decrease the temperature within the room. During the warmer months, when the blades run clockwise, cool air from the top of the ceiling is circulated downwards creating a cooling effect for the occupants in the room, making the body feel up to 8 degrees cooler. In winter, when the blades run counterclockwise, warm air that accumulates near the top of the ceiling is distributed throughout the room that creates a heating effect.



When selecting a fan keep in mind the dimensions of your space. A space that is larger than 400 square feet might need more than one fan in order to achieve the optimal effect. Also consider the height of the room, ceiling fans provide optimal results and safety when they are 8 to 9 feet above the floor, and in low ceiling spaces, should not be any lower than 7 feet above the floor. Some fans are designed to be flushed to the ceiling, or have varying rod lengths to choose from in order to achieve the desired height. In addition, there are a variety of fans that can be mounted on sloped ceilings to suit different architectural frameworks of a home.


There are two motors available for a ceiling fan. DC motors are believed to be more energy efficient as it requires less energy to run the motor. DC motors are also described as being more compact, quiet, and can quickly adapt to changes in speed or direction. AC motorized fans are also considered energy efficient as they only require a small wattage, and are believed to be more affordable, and offer more control options such as being able to use a pull cord, wall control, or remote control.



Lastly, consider the aesthetic of the ceiling fan and whether it will suit the style of your space. Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and finishes, some fans include or have adaptable light kits, and/or up-lighting that offer ambient illumination in the room. Some fans are rated to be used indoor and outdoor for those that want to extend the aesthetic of their home outdoors. In addition, some companies will allow for mix finishes, offering a more custom look.


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