Robinson Lighting Gift Guide

Graphic Designed by Real Life Signs

Are you taking part in an exchange gift this upcoming holiday or still need a gift for someone on your list? We have items that make great gifts that are stylish, functional, and affordable!

1. Modern Desk Lamp

These LED desk lamps are perfect for late night reading or for someone still cramming for exams. The lamps come in three colour combinations: black and silver, orange and black, and green and white. The architectural feature is kept minimal and sleek with a touch button for easy on/off function.

Led Desk Lamps

2. Tiffany Lamps

Add a bit of whimsy with the Quoizel Tiffany lamps. These woodland creatures are detailed with hand-crafted stain glass.

 Turtle Tiffany Lamp

Butterfly Tiffany Lamp

Butterfly Tiffany Lamp

3. Geometric Table Lamps

The Stellato table lamps are new to our Winnipeg showroom and use wood material for a geometric structure. The Stellato is available in two colours: white wood and maple wood.

Stellato Table Lamp

4. Matching Portables

Can’t get enough of the sleek design of the Lexx portables, that also use LED technology! The floor lamp has a foot switch for easy on/off function, while the desk task lamp has an on/off switch at the back of the base.


5. Portables with a Sparkle Effect

The Pyton and Lalita can add sparkle to any room. The Pyton is made with genuine lead crystals, while the Lalita is finished in Aluminum metal.

 Pyton Table Lamp

Lalita Table Lamp

6. Statement Lamps

The Fairfield table lamp has a playful design using clear glass orbs, complimented by the monochromatic blue dots that frame the lower portion of the shade.

Fairfield Table Lamp

7. Cylinder Lamps

The Chamberlain, Rivato, and Geo table lamp have a cylinder structure for an effortless look that can be integrated into any room. The Chamberlain has a laser-cut pattern on a grey faux silk shade, while the Rivato ha a frosted white shade with chrome details. The Geo table lamp is another option for someone who prefers a simplistic look.

 Chamberlain Table Lamp

Rivato Table Lamp

Geo Table Lamp

8.Exposed Lamp

A subtle nod to an industrial/loft style, the Newtown has a black wired shade that allows the bulb to be exposed.

Newtown Table Lamp

9. Novelty Semi-Flush

These novelty semi-flush make a perfect gift for a child’s room.

 Novelty Butterfly Semi-flush

Novelty Sports Theme Semi Flush

10. The Happy Light

Battle the “Winter Blues” with the Happy Light, a popular item that provides lighting comparable to daylight. The lamp helps boost energy and well-being while reducing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), jet lag, and fatigue. It’s light weight also makes it easily portable.

Happy Light

11. Gift Card

When in doubt, a gift card is always a great gift option for someone taking on a renovation in the new year, or wanting to revamp their space.


Contact our showrooms for product availability and for more gift ideas!