Newly Introduced Products | Innovative Lighting Designs

Lighting is constantly evolving and improving with innovative designs launching each year. With refreshing designs and enhanced technology, we’re excited to highlight a few items that awaken any dull monotonous space.

1 new kichler item

Keep the good times rolling, relax, and enjoy your favourite music out in the patio. The portable LED lanterns from Kichler Lighting are not your regular portable lamps; these lamps integrate Bluetooth technology into the design. You can control the choice of song and volume at up to 30 feet away. The lantern also provide a warm white output that can be dimmable to suite any occasion or mood. The lantern can also be used for both indoor and outdoor settings such as covered patios, decks, by the pool side, or even at the cabin.

2 new et2 alumulix

European in design, and constructed with durable material; the Alumilux Collection from ET2 accentuates a home with modern design. This particular exterior wall sconce from Alumilux has a simplistic rounded design that offers a surge or modernity to an outdoor space. The central orb can be adjusted and moved to the outer circumference of the base, creating a floating illusion. The clean design provides an effortless modern touch, and the unique adjustable feature provides an alternative for styling. (Available at our Winnipeg branch).

3 sonneman

Infusing colour adds vibrancy and a spritz of excitement to a space. The Chromaglo and Chroma from Sonneman satisfies the need for colour.
The Chromaglow is a unique LED semi-flush that provides both down-lighting and uplighting. The uplight portion of the fixture emits vibrant shades of colour that can be adjusted with a touch of a button. (available in our Minneapolis Branch).

Similarly, the Chroma sconce creates an optic effect to integrate colour into a space. The sconce is designed with three-sided angled panels that emit a soft triad of light, similar to what is seen when a ray of sun pierces through a crystal. The Chroma is a true stunner that brings unexpected enchantment with it’s minimalist design and captivating output of light. (Available at our Minneapolis Branch).


4 kuzco

The Organika from Kuzco provides some customization to a room. The Organika can be mounted on a wall or ceiling to create interesting patterns, and can also be custom painted by Kuzco in any Pantone colour. **Not all known Pantone colours are available as applied paint finishes**

The white Organika also serves as a blank canvas for any artistic individual who wants to customize their own piece.  (Coming soon to our Kelowna Branch).

5 dainolite

 Bold and unapologetic. This pendant from Dainolite easily captures attention, and stimulates conversation. The adjustable arms provide versatility in styling and the cone-shaped shades gives a nod to mid-century modern design. (Available at our Winnipeg branch).

















We are always introducing new items to our showrooms, stop by and check out the selection. Our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help!