New Exterior Items | Enhance Your Outdoor Space


Is the warm weather calling you outdoors? We are excited to get your outdoor space ready for activities and gatherings this summer with stylish and innovative items from Craftmade, Dimond Lighting, Kichler, and Alumilux.

   Chimes and Vents by Craftmade


TB1020-BN pic

For over 30 years, Craftmade has provided an assortment of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans and lighting for residential and commercial spaces. In addition, Craftmade also offers chimes and vent system that are available in a variety of styles, from classic traditional to sleek modern designs. Some of the chime buttons also feature new state of the art touch sensory technology, which relies on human proximity to trigger the chimes without direct contact. The touch sensory buttons also reduces unnecessary disturbances since it is not triggered by non-human interactions such as harsh winds or unanimous objects.

Outdoor Table Lamps by Dimond Lighting

d3098 pic

Dimond Lighting is part of the Elk Group which was established in 1983. Dimond Lighting has a team of award winning international designers and engineer to ensure that each product demonstrates a high degree of craftsmanship. As mentioned in our previous blog Exterior Table Lamps | Stylish Outdoor Lighting, outdoor lamps make a great accent piece in an outdoor lounge or leisure area, such as a covered patio, balcony, or porch. They take the inviting and comforting feeling of being indoors, and transcends the ambience outdoors. You can check out some of the new exterior lamps here.

Outdoor Chandeliers by Kichler


Kichler has been in the lighting industry since 1938 and renowned for their award winning craftsmanship, quality, and service. Apart from offering lighting for interior spaces, Kichler also designs exterior fixtures that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Just recently, the Wright 3-Light Chandelier was introduce to our Winnipeg showroom, and the Palisade (above) to our Kelowna showroom. These two fixtures help define an outdoor gathering space, while adding a touch of personality.

Outdoor SconcesPathwaysStep Lighting by Alumilux


Alumilux is owned by ET2, another seasoned vendor with over 45 years in the lighting industry and over 4000 distinct and noteworthy designs. ET2 appraises itself for their ability to pick up on the latest lighting trends while perfecting and challenging what is current. The Alumilux collection was recently introduced to our Winnipeg showroom that displays clean modern designs. The series features sconces, pathway, and step lighting that illuminate the exterior of the home; highlighting special features, and providing guidance, safety and security by making dark areas more visible.

We are always introducing new items to our showroom, stop by and check out some of our new items. Our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help and show you some of the new pieces we have out on display.