Manitoba Hydro Rebate | Up to 50% Saving on select LED


Manitoba Hydro Rebate is back in full swing this April with savings up to 50% off on select energy star certified LED bulbs from Satco and Standard Lighting. In addition, receive $15.00 off select luminaires from Dals, Standard, WAC, and Liteline that are part of the hydro rebate program.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, All About the Colour, colour temperature influences how we feel towards a space. The LED bulbs that are part of the Manitoba Hydro rebate have a 2700K (warm white) and 3000K (soft white/neutral) colour temperature, which make for a pleasant ambiance for any room.

They also come in a variety of styles, from the standard bulb replacement, A19, used for particular pendants, floor and table lamps, to more directional type of bulbs such as MR16’s used for track lighting, recessed lighting or desk lamps, which makes the transition to LED so much easier.

You can also choose LED integrated fixtures. Here are some examples:


ceiling flushmounts

Flush-mounts, such as the ceiling flush-mounts from Standard, and the BLO, GLO, and FLO luminaries from WAC are perfect for just about any room.

For instance, the rounded ceiling flush-mounts from Standard, and the BLO and GLO luminaries from  WAC can be used in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, or hallway.

The FLO luminaire, which is linear, and has more of a utilitarian look, can be used as a vanity light in a bathroom. Another option, would be to use two shorter FLO luminaires at the side of a mirror to provide optimal illumination for grooming while also eliminating unpleasant shadows. You can even use the FLO luminaire in a kitchen to provide general lighting, or above a sink for better visibility when preparing food and cleaning. Just like the more rounded luminaires, the FLO luminaire can also be used in a laundry room.


liteline slims

Slims are the LED retro-fit recessed lighting, which are  often used for basement renovations, and also bathrooms. Generally, slims are ideal for areas where you want to use pot-lights to provide an additional layer of light. In addition, the “slim” profile  makes for easy installation especially when there are joists or duct work in the way, and also for homes with dropped ceilings.



Discs are often used when you want to replace a fixture with something that looks more like a pot light. The Discs from WAC are available in white, brushed nickel, and bronze. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and are also wet location rated.



The Pro Series from Dals is perfect for adding an additional layer of light in your shower which is ideal for general safety and functionality. These are IC certified which makes them suitable for direct contact with insulation.

LEDs can also be dimmable, but not all dimmers will work with an LED in the same way. If they are not compatible, the lifespan of an LED can reduce significantly, which raises the importance of discussing dimming options with a Specialist to ensure your investment in LEDs are profitable.

If you have any questions regarding LEDs, contact or visit our showroom(s), our ALA Certified Lighting Specialist are always happy to help you.

(Manitoba Hydro rebate ends April 30, 2017).