Lighting Maintenance | Preparing Outdoor Lighting for Colder Months Ahead

The summer season is coming to an end, which means it is time to store the beloved summer furniture, and prepare your home for the fall and winter.

Here are some tips to keep your landscape lighting looking its best and tips on how to extend their life with proper care.

1) Inspect

Have a walk-through around the exterior of your house and examine each light source.


  • List which fixtures need replacement bulbs

  • List which fixtures have been moved due to heavy rain and wind, and need to be re-positioned

  • List which fixtures have exposed wires that need to be hidden (Ensure breakers are turned off before handling, or hire a professional electrician).

  • List which portable lights might need to be brought in for the colder months

  • List which fixtures need to be protected/covered during the colder months

2) Clean

Don’t forget to use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe down lenses. Make sure they are free of debris, bugs, and cobwebs. This also helps the light shine through and will make it appear brighter while preventing the fixture from overheating.

3) Replace Bulbs

This is a great time to switch out your incandescent for LEDs which typically can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and last longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

4) Reposition

Make sure the breakers are off before repositioning fixtures to their proper location to yield the best results. For your safety, if you are unable to do this yourself, it is best to hire a professional electrician to properly move and hide exposed wires.

**Research and find the best electrician that will help you with this project near your location:**
Winnipeg Electricians
Kelowna Electricians

5) Protect

If you have exterior lights that are more sensitive to the cold or is made with delicate glass, it is best to bring the items indoors during the colder months as they may be prone to cracking or breaking if left out in harsh conditions. If you are unable to bring the item inside, you can protect the fixture by covering it so that it is protected from ice, snow, and harsh winds. However, if that fixture is used for safety or security, then it might not make sense to cover.

6) Time

With colder months, the sun sets earlier which means you may need to turn on your exterior lights earlier. Having a timer allows you to adjust when the fixtures are automatically turned on, which helps with security and safety of your home.

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