LED Flush-mount By Kuzco | Custom Pantone Finish

The Organika by Kuzco Lighting integrates LED technology with designer customization. This flush-mount has a unique polygon surface that surrounds an LED source. The trim for the LED is available in white or chrome and for additional customization, the Organika can also be painted into a Pantone colour. (NOTE: Not all known Pantone colours are available as applied paint finishes). The polygon shape offers creative way to arrange the Organika into rows or other interesting patterns to produce a custom and personalized design on any wall or ceiling.


The Organika gives off a colour temperature of 3000K emitting a soft white (or neutral) light output that appears less yellow and more bluish-white. This luminaire has a CRI over 90 that assures an accurate colour rendition. The dimmable feature of the Organika also allows it to be a versatile light source that sets the ambiance and mood in any room.

Kuzco Organika


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