Introducing Dimplex Fireplaces | Keep Cozy And Stylish

Dimplex is renowned for their beautiful fireplaces, and patented electric flame technology. Dimplex was also the first company to produce an electric fireplace that provided a realistic visual representation of burning wood in 1995. The company currently has 30 patents relating to varying areas of electric flame technology.

These fireplaces are featured in some of the 2017 MHBA Show Homes, including show homes by KDR Homes, and Huntington Homes to name a few.

The upgraded version of the PRISM series is now displayed at our Winnipeg Showroom.

 what to expect from a dimplex fireplace

Dimplex Fireplace
Image Source from Dimplex

The PRISM fireplace is designed with acrylic ice embers that mimic the look of diamonds, providing sparkle and visual appeal to a space. The acrylic ice embers also display a variety of colour themes that are ideal for setting a mood or creating a distinct look. The acrylic ice embers can display a duration of different colours, or be adjusted to only display a single colour.

The features of the fireplace can be controlled with a multi-functional remote, which controls the flame, heat, thermostats, and the desired colour for the acrylic ice embers. The fireplace is also designed to easily disable the heater setting, which allows you to achieve the aesthetic of an active fireplace without the heat. In addition, the fireplace has a floating LED display that provides an option to display certain features on the screen, such as the temperature along with other special features.

The sleek and seamless look of the PRISM also adds to it’s visual impact, mounting to any wall while concealing unsightly wires.

For more information on the Dimplex Fireplace, contact or visit our showroom. Our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help!