Introducing Currey and Company | Designer Finds


In late January our selection team headed to the Dallas Market Center to select new lighting for our showrooms and to spot the latest lighting trends for 2017. A strong presence of mid-century modern influences was seen throughout a variety of lighting vendors showcased at the Dallas Market Center, among them was lighting introduced by Currey and Company.

Currey and Company was established in 1988, specializing in historic garden furnishings. By the early 1990’s, lighting had become an important aspect of the company, as they became known for their chandeliers, wall sconces, and portable lamps. Each product is thoughtfully designed to be distinctive and extraordinary.

In keeping with the uniqueness of the designs, our Winnipeg showroom has selected a few one of a kind pieces.

eosThe EOS mirror beautifully accentuates a room with a mosaic glass trim in an aqua finish.

EosflamboyanttablelampThe Flamboyant table lamp has a glass mosaic base in a celadon green finish and an off white shantung shade. The lamp is finished with a clear glass finial that compliments the shimmering effect of the base.


lugoThe Lugo table lamp conceptualizes the defiance of gravity with it’s design, stimulating intrigue in the most minimal of ways. The simplicity of the white linen shade is countered by the body of the lamp that is made of linked chains that loops to form the base.


lumleyThe Lumley pendant embraces the industrial look, providing warmth from the pyrite bronze interior with a dark wrought iron shade. The outer shade is hand finished with subtle strokes of pyrite bronze to convey a distressed appearance that is also seen on the metal tubing.


arboriaPaying tribute to nature, the Arboria chandelier is hand sculpted to replicate the look of bark with candle covers that blend with the branches. The overall fixture is finished in black to maintain a seamless look.


KagurazakaThe Kagurazaka is inspired by Japanese design, using burnt wood panels in a staggered arrangement to conceal the wrought iron metal frame.


cincinCandelabra bulbs are encased in recycled wine glass bottles finished in various shades of green. Wrought iron wraps around each bottle that is lifted by linked chains in a hiroshi gray finish for added rustic charm.

cin cin

lassoThe Lasso interprets rhythmic movement in each graceful twirl of the wrought iron ribbons. At the center of the fixture is the light source that has an orbital structure.


sethosEvery angle of the Sethos has mesmerizing lines of symmetry that is embellished with recycled glass. This chandelier has a sublime beauty that captivates and is further detailed with recycled glass candle holders.


ginoExemplifying modern Italian style, the Gino is made with spun metal shades in a disproportional hourglass shape. The overall fixture is finished in black, and provides both up-lighting and down-lighting.


These items were especially picked for those looking for one of a kind pieces that no one else will have. Contact our showroom for more information on Currey and Company products, our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help!