Introducing Accord Lighting | Wooden Luminaires

We are introducing Accord Lighting to our showroom and we can’t wait to reveal the products we have selected!

Accord Lighting brings a unique style to our showroom, specializing in luminaries that are designed with wood veneers. In order to maintain the level of craftsmanship, Accord Lighting combines craft techniques with the latest technology, and only uses high quality materials such as Egyptian crystals, Italian paints, natural wood blades, and virgin acrylic for their pieces.


Accord Lighting is a family owned company that originated in Brazil in the municipality of Dois Vizinhos. The company was once a fine furniture factory called Accord Móveis, until the three brothers inherited the company in 1997.

It was in 2004 when the brothers began introducing wooden luminaries and lamps, one of the very first products being the Zen table lamp.

By 2006, they participated in the largest lighting fair in Latin America, where they received the Abilux Design award for the Zen table lamp.

The company continued to grow throughout the years, allowing them to expand internationally by 2014. They are now represented in nine countries.

In 2018, they earned the American UL certification in Decorative Lighting, ensuring their products are safe and certified for use.

Stay tuned as we unveil the new products we have selected from Accord Lighting!