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exterior table lamps

Exterior table lamps are unlike table lamps you would have inside of your home. Exterior table lamps are specially made with durable material, such as concrete and stone, to ensure that they can withstand exposure to harsh wind, rain, and snow.

Using portable lighting is a simple way to modify the look of a patio or balcony,  and can help define the space as well. It creates purpose, encouraging the space to be lived in instead of being ignored.

In addition, exterior table lamps bring a sense of comfort from the indoors and takes it outside. It sets the mood in the space, and creates a relaxing ambiance to unwind  or entertain.

It is also a great way to add another layer of light, which helps enhance visibility when engaging in a conversation with guests, or performing tasks such as reading.

Exterior table lamps also create a stylish and luxury feel to a patio or balcony. Here are some exterior table lamps from Dimond Lighting that extends the comfort of your home to the great outdoors:


The Jutland table lamp is made out of polished concrete with a beautiful hammered copper accent. This table lamp plays with proportion, designed with an oversize tapered shade situated on top of a smaller rounded base.



The Eilat table lamp is made with composite concrete contrasted with a pure white nylon shade.





The Musee table lamp is made out of stone in a grey and natural slate finish, with a taupe clear nylon shade.



The Reykjavik table lamp is made out of polished concrete in a grey finish. This table lamp combines a scalloped dimpled texture with a smooth and more polished concrete base.

For more information on exterior lamps contact or visit our showroom, our ALA Lighting Specialist can help you discover the potential exterior lighting can make in your outdoor space.