Builder Spotlight Pioneer Building Inc | Behind the 2017 HSC Lottery Home

Building a home is possibly one of the most daunting projects anyone can take on, but for Curtis and Sharayah Moffat it was the launching point to establishing Pioneer Building Inc. The two were inspired by their first hand experience at building their own home, and the challenges that arise with a new build.

With a shared appreciation and love for design, Curtis and Sharayah began to focus on creating not only beautiful homes, but homes that were tailored for each individual lifestyle and family. The pair focused on the residential building industry; assisting in residential renovations, additions, and new constructions.

They are guided by three principles in every project they pursue: character, collaboration, and craftsmanship. Pioneer Building Inc withholds a strong sense of responsibility and care, assuming stewardship in their client’s time, investment, and vision for their home. They believe the best projects are due to a combination of the customers vision and the craftsman’s expertise. Guided by practice and art of carpentry, the two emphasize on building homes that express contemporary identities and intelligence that withstands the test of time.

In 2017, the HSC Lottery Home was constructed and designed by Pioneer Building Inc, exhibiting their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We got in touch with Sharayah Moffat to learn a little bit more about Pioneer Building Inc, and the behind the scenes of building the 2017 HSC Lottery Home:

1) Can you tell us about your vision for this project?

With all our projects, we design the home based on the “organic architecture” that surrounds.  22 Greenlawn is located in River Heights, and we felt that we needed to pay tribute to the area, which to us, had a New York City vibe.  The historical borough of Tribeca with it’s industrial architecture and pre-war elements was our inspiration.

Our goal was to create a home that functioned for the modern family and yet had traditional characteristics.  The idea of the home was to start on the main floor and see how traditional pre-war mill-work, and wide oak flooring can complement industrial styled light fixtures and accents.  Combined with a modern floor plan and an accented 3 sided glass fireplace, the space is well fused together by these 3 styles.

Going up to the second level we wanted the home owner to feel like they had a elegant retreat into their Master Suite.  This space is elegant yet inviting; having a private sun deck makes that room the crown jewel of the home.

And finally, going down to the lower level, complete with a wet bar, live edge liquor shelf and custom home theatre system, we wanted to have a more industrial vibe that made you want to stay in on a Friday night.

wet bar

2) What is your favourite room and/or your favourite fixture in the HSC Lottery Home?

The Master Suite is really the show stopper of the home.  The large suite with custom closets, 5 piece ensuite with deep soaker tub, in floor heat and a private sundeck is every woman’s dream!  I always imagined a summer morning out on that deck with a cup of coffee……heaven!

In terms of feature, we get the most compliments on the pendants over the kitchen island.  This custom piece was designed and  created by us and Brightside Electric which really ties the characteristics of home into one.

hsc kitchen

3) What is it like working together as a team?

Working as a husband and wife team does have it challenges, but at the end of the day there is mutual respect between us and appreciation for each others strengths.
Curtis is able to visualize the macro end of the home (roof lines, proportion and scale for windows and doors etc.) and I am able to turn the micro details and finishes to create warmth and mood into the home.  Our strengths compliment each other, and allows us to create and construct a one of a kind home for our clients.

4) Is there an iconic person you look up to for inspiration?

From an interiors perspective, I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson.  I love how her design company is not just wood and paint, but fabric, texture, and warmth.  Just because the fixtures are up and that door knobs are installed, does not mean that the new build or renovation is complete.  Her designs include furniture, artwork, drapery, things that turn a house into a home. Our company is beginning to move into that direction and I am very excited to start this additional design service.

5)As a family business, is it something you would like to pass down to your children as a legacy?

Having three young boys, it is exciting to see there interest in the construction industry already take shape.  Our oldest has already started drawing floor plans and blueprints and is getting really good at drawing at 3D perspective.  Whatever direction our boys end up taking in life the main value we want them to learn from us and our business is to work hard, be honest, and do what you love.

For more inspiration and/or pictures of the HSC Lottery Home, check out Pioneer Building Inc’s Houzz Page: