Artisanal Portable Lamps | New Arrivals from Quoizel

The Tiffany lamps from Quoizel demonstrate the artisanal work that was well embraced during the Art Nouveau movement. Most of the Tiffany lamps produced by Quoizel conform to the traditional copper foil methods introduced by Louis Comfort Tiffany. These new arrivals demonstrate the beauty of artisanal work, and their dramatic impact to a room.


The Victory Tiffany lamp has a classic aesthetic, using hues of yellow and red glass to pair with a valiant bronze finish. The shade is made of 192 pieces of tiffany glass that are arranged to create the geometric pattern.



The shade of the Mica table lamp is made with oyster mica in varying earthy tones, and is complimented by a curved base in a warm dark bronze finish.



The Tiffany Imperial Bronze captures a scenic motif of dragonflies in a field of flowers. This lamp has 324 pieces of Tiffany glass that are hand applied to produce the scene. The glass is in rich colours that contrast the dark bronze finish, further detailed with antique gold highlights.



The Agate Portable table lamp is another Tiffany lamp that captures the essence of nature. The glass shade is finished in creamy white that serves as a neutral backdrop for the jewels of agate stone. Each agate stone is hand selected and goes through a 72 hour process to create a smooth exterior, and is later polished by hand. The base of this Tiffany lamp carries over the branch motif, mimicking the texture of wood.



The Jade Portable Tiffany lamp presents a field of flowers. This particular Tiffany lamp uses 264 pieces of jade in earthy tones which is complimented by the warm bronze finish of the base.



The Jungle Dragon table lamp exhibits a similar motif as the Tiffany Imperial Bronze, highlighting features of a dragonfly. Unlike the Tiffany Imperial Bronze, the Jungle Dragon table lamp has an emphasis on green hues with hints of red, yellow, and orange. The table lamp is finished in an Architectural bronze with antique gold highlights. The base is detailed with dragonflies and alternating textures of bark and stone that spiral upward.


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