App-Based Lighting Controls | Manitoba Hydro Rebate

We’re almost through October, have you stopped by to take advantage of the October Manitoba Hydro Rebate? This month, dimmer switches are included in the rebate, including dimmer switches that integrate the latest wifi technology.

During the October Hydro Rebate you can save $5.00 off select dimmer switches, including some WiFi ready dimmers such as the Whisper Wi-Fi Remote Dimmer Switches, Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer Switches, and Touch Wi-Fi ready Scene Controller.

the dimmer switches

what you need
wifi switch

Specialized dimmers such as the ones listed above can take advantage of Wi-Fi technology to gain full control of light output throughout the home using smartphones or tablets, unlike standard switches that do not have this capability and can only be adjusted manually.


the hub

The Hub is a component that needs to be attached to the home network in order to initiate the use of wi-fi to control lighting.


free app

The Legrand Lighting Control App is free to download on iTunes and on Google Play, and is the application that will communicate with the Hub to give you full access to light control using a smartphone or tablet.

legrand app
why wifi

With Wi-Fi controlled lighting, you are able to readily switch lighting on in any room of your home without having to move, such as the entrances, which can potentially alert intruders and discourage trespassing at an instant.


The lighting control app not only allows you to control lighting at your discretion, but you can also schedule when certain lights are turned on or off, even when you are not at home or on vacation. This is convenient for when you are in a rush and have forgotten to turn off certain lights or when you are away on vacation, scheduled lighting gives the impression that the home is not vacant and deters trespassing.


Electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones are inevitably attached to us at all times, which means controlling lighting is within a press of a button. You gain full control of how you want your lighting to be used or presented at your convenience.


With accessibility to smartphones and tablets, certain lights can be turned off or dimmed when they are not in use, and thus conserving energy. In our previous blog, we mentioned that lighting that is dimmed by 25% can expand the bulbs life, which means less frequent bulb changes, and a potential saving of 20% on electricity.

For more details on the Manitoba Hydro Rebate, visit or contact our Winnipeg showroom. Our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help!

(Manitoba Hydro Rebate ends October 31, 2017)