4 Reasons to Have Statement Lighting in the Dining Room

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Image: Progress Lighting, Trestle Collection, 2016.

To use statement lighting or to not use statement lighting, that is the question. Statement lighting is not limited to large and flashy lighting, but rather comes in many forms. Statement lighting can be extravagant, but it can also be quite minimal. This type of lighting physically defines the feel of a room, and is made to stimulate a reaction by it’s presence.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you should have statement lighting in your dining room:

1) Ideal Location

This room will give you more bang for your buck, as dining rooms are often located near the front of the house, which means the room receives the most traffic from members of the household, and guests that dwell or walk through the room.

Glimmer Collection
Image: Maxim, Glimmer Collection, 2016.

2) The first to capture the eyes

This is the first room that is acknowledged because of the very reason that it is the closest room to the entrance. In addition, light fixtures in a dining room are normally at eye level, which encourages guests to draw their attention to the room.

Image: Kichler, Rosewell Collection, 2016.

3) Multipurpose Room

The dining room is where work, play, and food can coexist. Homework, managing finances, card games, and entertaining guests during dinner parties are some of the activities that take part in this room.

Melrose Kitchen Application
Image: Hubbarton Forge, Melrose Collection, 2016.

4) Dual Visibility

For dining rooms near the front of the home and designed with large windows, statement lighting can becomes a show stopping piece for both your guests, and the onlookers.

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Image: Ulextra, 432 Collection, 2016.