20% Off Perfectly Portable Sale | Tips on Portable Lighting

Portable lamps are not just decorative, they provide necessary functional lighting for different situations. With September rolling in, the preparation of back to school becomes evident, days become shorter, and more indoor activities take place. To transition into the upcoming season, we are having a Perfectly Portable Sale on all our table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, mirrors, and accessories from August 14- September 16, 2017. Receive 20% off regular priced portable lamps, mirrors, and accessories or take an extra 10% off already reduced discontinued and special priced portable lamps, mirrors, and accessories.

To ensure you get the most of your portable lamp(s), consider these tips:


eliminate shadows

Unable to recognize writing because of shadows can become a nuisance, which leads to the importance of positioning a desk lamp. To avoid unwanted shadows, set your desk lamp on the opposite side of your preferred writing hand which prevents shadows from forming on the area you are going to write on.

optimal height

Portable lamps can cause a harsh glare when they are not at a comfortable height. Ideally, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level or below to avoid glare. The proper height also depends on where the lamp is placed; if a table lamp is placed on a vanity area, the bottom of the shade should be centered at cheekbone height. If a table lamp or floor lamp is placed beside a chair, the bottom of the shade should be 38-42” above the floor. However, if a table lamp or floor lamp is positioned behind a chair, the bottom of the shade can be above eye level at up to 49” because the light does not directly aim into the eyes. Luckily, some portable lamps are adjustable, such as most desk lamps that allow you to manipulate the height to avoid glare.


3 center

The distance between a lamp and a chair also creates the possibility of glare. To avoid glare, provide at least 20” of space from the centre of the chair to the centre of the lamp but no more than 36” of space as it will reduce the effectiveness of providing task lighting for reading and writing. Contrary, if the lamp is behind a chair, or situated near the back of a chair, the lamp can be placed closer to the chair as it does not directly aim light into the eyes.

To learn more about portable lamps and to check out the portable lamps up for sale, visit or contact our showroom. Our Lighting Specialist are always happy to help!